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  1. "...a fantastic piece of kit that I now cannot live without."

    As far as Mortgage Stream is concerned it has transformed the way I do business. Having one central comprehensive database that I can access from anywhere has been incredibly helpful. I don't need to keep client details on my mobile or email system as they are all instantly to hand and the ability to add life/PHI policies mean that I can always check my pipeline and turnover. Automatic renewal date facility means no more trawling through calendars to do it manually.

    All in all, a fantastic piece of kit that I now cannot live without. My Case Manager is relieved I am not phoning her constantly for information I can now access with the click of a mouse.

    Jane King
    Cert PFS, Cert CII (MP+ER)
    Ash-Ridge Asset Management Ltd

  2. Love the new ‘map’ facility!!!!


    Just to let you know I’ve never seen everyone so exited about a system update before, they love the new ‘map’ facility!!!!
    Good work!


  3. A seamless solution to all my back office requirements

    I first contacted MortgageStream 12 months ago. I was able to trial the software free of charge and more importantly, I had unlimited access to telephone support. The software is simple to understand and use. MortgageStream whilst providing a seamless solution to all my back office requirements also includes some excellent client facing software.

    To be able to text, email or phone a client directly from MortgageStream with a click of the mouse encourages good communication whilst providing a detailed audit trail.

    I have recently been voted Mortgage Adviser of the Year with TenetLime; without doubt my decision to purchase MortgageStream has made a significant contribution to the success of my business.

    Kind regards

    Richard Wylder

  4. Would not have got this refund without the recording.

    Had a recent case of a first time buyer came to me for a mortgage. I rang the estate agents as I thought the house was a prefab ! The agent was insistant it was not, some in that area are but not this one, so proceeded with an application. I was right, it was a prefab ! valuation money wasted.

    I contacted the agent to seek a refund of the clients survey fee. Not only was it refused, but the agent claimed to have told me it was a prefab, so I should not have placed it with that lender.

    Emailed both recordings from Mortgage Stream call recording to the estate agent head office, within 10 minutes I had a call to advise a cheque would be in the post today to the client.

    Brill !!! job done, just like you say, if its not recorded it was not said. Would not have got this refund without the recording.

    That was for a client, I have a case with the ombudsman at the moment from a client claiming this and that was said in an insurance sale. Got it all recorded to prove all was explained correctly and not as he is claiming. The recording is going to save my life, will let you know the outcome.

  5. ...I have found it to be the back bone of the company. It keeps me on track with my processes as well as keeping me compliant...

    Further to my conversations with John in your office (I called him a few times for some help in different areas, and he has been most helpful), I would like to let you know how useful I find your system is.

    I recently joined {company}, who has been using your system for many years and he introduced me to Mortgage Stream for the first time. With a little help from John in your office and a couple of button clicks, I have found it to be the back bone of the company. It keeps me on track with my processes as well as keeping me compliant.

    I know that Peter has been a loyal user of Mortgage Stream for many years, even though many other CRM providers have been trying to entice him to use their product. He always recommends MS to colleagues and I know that recently you have another new member in thanks to Peter's recommendations

    I am telling all my contacts about your system too and hopefully getting more users for you in the future. I was previously a BDM for a lender and had my own packaging company so have many contacts that would benefit in the same way.

  6. Without doubt, MortgageStream has improved the efficiency and subsequently, the profitability of my business.

    Having used another mortgage back office system for the last 7 years, I was becoming increasingly disappointed that the system I was using was not keeping pace with compliance or TCF requirements and decided to look for a system that offered better functionality. As an Appointed Representative with TenetLime, I was aware that MortgageStream was approved and recommended by Tenet to its members.

    From my initial phone call to MortgageStream, I have been pleased with the support available. I was able to trial the software for an initial period with access to unlimited free telephone support at all times, this allowed me to be confident that the software was right for my business before making a purchase. Ongoing support, although rarely needed, has been friendly and efficient.

    MortgageStream is suitable for Mortgage Brokers who require a simple, straightforward back office system and for Mortgage Brokers who require a system that will quite simply complete every task and function, from initial inquiry through to a completed mortgage, keeping you compliant at every stage.

    Without doubt, MortgageStream has improved the efficiency and subsequently, the profitability of my business. I am able to email, telephone and text individuals directly from the software, keeping all parties updated with one click of the mouse.

  7. Love the new version of MortgageStream

    I go to about 10 meetings a month that are set in stone and I often forget to put them on the diary so the reoccurring setting is going to save me some time & stop me double booking! Also the 'outlook sync' means I can now carry my diary with me which is going to make life a lot easier.

  8. MortgageStream will definitely make substantial time/cost savings in our business

    I just wanted to send you a quick email to say ‘Thank You’ for all of you help and support today getting Mortgage Stream set up and talking me through the key areas of the software. The combination of the high quality software and excellent phone based support means that we will definitely make substantial time/cost savings in our business and will ensure that we can offer all clients a professional and efficient service. The software clearly does far more than we have used it for previously and I feel that the investment in efficiency will be returned several times over by running our business properly.

    - Paul (2 Users)

  9. Gap Analysis - beats the Credit Crunch:

    I have been using Mortgage Stream for over 4 years and have always found it a very useful tool for tracking and monitoring my mortgage business. However, In these very challenging times I need to make the most of every other sales opportunity and having the MortgageStream Life & Protection Gap analysis reporting system has really helped to highlight and report on all of my non mortgage sales opportunities

    - Mathew (Single User)

  10. New Broker is Surprised by software:

    As a fledging mortgage broker I knew the importance of getting the right case management system. I had used a bespoke system for secured lending previously and knew what technology had to offer. How amazed I was at the lack of products on the market.

    I trialed some of the most prestigious and highly recommended systems and they were all clunky and lacking in the functions I believed to be most important to enhance my business. One had me passing through screen after screen to get to the one I wanted (so time consuming I was tearing my hair out).

    I fell upon MortgageStream by accident. Thank god I did. At each turn when It was explained to me what the system could do, I must have sounded like a record, because all I kept saying was, "that’s just what I wanted"

    I know I am still not using MortgageStream to it's full capacity, but am learning everyday and every new feature I find is useful and continues to progress the business forward.

    The cost of MortgageStream is the most surprising of all. One of the systems I trialed cost me over £400 in training (2 days out of my busy schedule), A further £100 for 1 hours telephone installation, plus £75 per month, and extra if I wanted training on letter management or anything other than data input!!!! It had no phone/text facilities and was one of the most time consuming systems I have ever had the misfortune to use.

    MortgageStream service levels have been impeccable, both in the training and accounting. The team have been the most helpful they could and in this day of failing customer service levels across all industries, MortgageStream could teach other companies a thing or two. I could go on, all I can say is if you haven't tried it, use the months free trial and don't look back.

    - Susan (Single User)

  11. TCF - You've saved me so much work:

    “I’ve turned on my pc this morning and you have saved me so much work!!!!
    I had a list of things I was doing for TCF this month and you have just done them all for me. So thank you very much! I’m still playing with the things you have added but it looks like it does all I need it to.”

    - John (Single User)

  12. User-friendly system with strong MI:

    “...MortgageStream is a very quick user friendly mortgage case management system. The management Information available is at a high level allowing a strong, quick analysis of leads and income sources. The support given in the setting up and customizing of the system has been very high.”

    - Lionel (2 Users - Wholly owned subsiduary of Building Society)

  13. Foundation of our business:

    “...I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team at Mortgage Stream for their on going support. I started West One Financial a mortgage broking company with my business partner 4 years ago. A business associate recommended Mortgage Stream to us. After using the system for nearly 4 years now, we feel that it is the foundation of our business. For example: it enables us at the click of a button to look back over cases that have completed. We can go back as far as we need to, this is a great tool when a client phones for a re-mortgage and the case may have completed 3 years. It shows the client that we are an organised company and it also refreshes our memory on the case, as we can look back over the notes that we made at that time. There are many other great features with Mortgage Stream and too many to put into this email. We get many compliments from other business associates about our data base and we would always recommend Mortgage Stream to anyone that is in our line of business. Once again thank you to the Team at Mortgage Stream and we look forward to continuing our working relationship together.
    Many thanks.”.

    - Angelique (3 Users)

  14. Revolutionized business, increased profits:

    “...Thanks very much for your email. I appreciate it immensely...as I did say in my email, it is nearly a year since we started using Mortgage Stream and I cannot praise it enough. It has revolutionized our business, increased our profits and enabled [wife's name] and I to work harmoniously (in the main) together, something we tried without Mortgage Stream for 3 and a half years without success!.”.

    - Name withheld (3 Users)

  15. Robust back-office:

    “...We have had several "you said, we said" arguments with lenders solved by either playing back phonestream files, or threatening to. This also goes for a couple of disagreements with clients.

    Our business model is to write volumes of business without charging a fee. We are now at a stage where we are doing this, and it would not have been possible without a robust back office system like MortgageStream.”.

    - Greg (3 Users)

  16. ...daily file chasing time cut by 75%:

    "Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how we are doing with the system as we have now been running it for about 8 months. As we have now got fully conversant with all the parts of the system, we have noticed that our daily file chasing time has been cut by about 75%. Because we no longer have to locate paper files, the whole days' admin session is down to about 20 minutes per day, this process used to take several hours.
    As a consequence of this, we have found that the lead time from application to offer has improved significantly, also we have received many more comments from clients about how excellent our service is, which will ultimately result in an increased number of referrals.
    We are also delighted with the technical help, because any problems are sorted on line (which have been few and far between I hasten to add) we have never had a moments 'down time' with the system, this is important as we rely more on the system than we have ever done.
    No Mortgage Broker should be without Mortgage Stream, it pays for itself several times over in terms of time saving and creating improved customer relations and contact.
    Keep up the good work!”.

    - Bob (3 Users)

  17. Wish we had switched long ago:

    “...we have now had time to get it under our belts and use it in anger for a few months. I have to say that both Jerry and I honestly wished we had switched a long time ago, and if you need anyone else to add to your list of referees, count us in.
    ...we have found MortgageStream to be far better than we hoped, and cannot see why any broker would want to use any other system.”.

    - Tim (7 Users)

  18. ...never worked with a system so easy to use:

    “Being new to the company and having worked in estate agency admin previously this is a little different for me, but I was concerned that I was using only a minimal amount of Mortgage Stream’s capabilities. Having spent an hour on the phone with you I now feel confident that I can use the system much more effectively and far more to my own benefit. The reports are fantastic and I’m sure they will save me lots of time! I don’t think I have ever worked with a system so easy to use.

    And knowing I can just pick up the phone for helpful advice is a definite plus.”.

    - Sam (1 User)

  19. Comparison with previous systems:

    “MortgageStream client management has made the previous systems I used (name removed - Ed.) look like they had been written by a toddler in comparison! On our initial training day, every item we raised had been thought about and covered by MortgageStream. Also unlike most providers who leave you stranded after the initial install, MortgageStream staff go beyond the call of duty.

    For example, I phoned with a basic enquiry on how to mailmerge some information and when I came off the phone, I had been shown a number of new features which will help me save time and money when dealing with clients with property portfolios to manage. This year I have invested in INVU to try and become a paperless office. MortgageStream have taken this in their stride and have integrated their systems to allow me as smooth a process as possible in our day to day transactions. A truly professional, easy to use, in-depth system which is a must in any mortgage brokers office. Well done MortgageStream”.

    - Sharon (3 Users)

  20. Best Decision We Ever Made:

    “Matt (ex Countrywide Financial Services Director & my co Director) is a hard man to please and Carole (my office manager) and I trialled and bought MortgageStream whilst he was on holiday (he did know we were doing it). He will now tell you that it was the best decision we ever made. He is hooked on the system and we both agree that at present with 5 sellers we are saving about £12k in not having to have another administrator. He likes cost effective even more!! We now have the terminal services server which allows the lads to use MortgageStream & [Sourcing System (-Ed)], which keeps us compliant (we back up all the info etc.) and they can see what the girls are doing with all of their cases. Fantastic product keep up the good work.”.

    - Ian (6 Users)

  21. m2i AR Comments:

    “I was introduced to MortgageStream™ case management software by my mortgage network “m2i” who are promoting the MortgageStream™ system to their 150 AR firms. I went along to an m2i compliance and training day and saw a demo of the software and I have now installed MortgageStream™ and the telephone link option PhoneStream™. The system has revolutionised the way I run my business, freeing up my time to see more clients, and giving me a cast iron audit trail of every part of the advice and application process and linking in 2 directions with Mortgage 2000 Encore and uploading to Casemaster online packaging, I can also import leads from PAA, with a couple of mouse clicks saving me the onerous chore of having to re-type details. Using PhoneStream™ means that when my clients call me in the office, their client file pops up on my PC screen, and when I pick up phone, I know that the phone call is both logged in the client file audit notes and voice recorded as well, this gives me a lot of confidence to know that I can prove what was said, when and how ”.

    - Alan (Single adviser)

  22. New Customer Experience:

    “would just like to say that so far apart from being very impressed with the product, your customer service is 110% your staff 'Kim' in particular extremely friendly and efficient, and we look forward to sending you an order shortly. keep up the good work !!”.

    - Dean (4 Advisers)

  23. PhoneStream saved me £4475:

    “just a quick note to update you [on] a recent event that occurred in our office whilst using PhoneStream. One of my colleagues [name removed] recently spoke to an Irish Bank and was quoted a product for one of his clients. During the call the Bank’s new business adviser confirmed there was no Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee Premium (MIG) payable. [Our adviser] was pleasantly surprised and asked again about the MIG and the Bank re-confirmed that there was definitely no MIG payable on this product.
    Subsequently when [our adviser]’s client went to proceed with application and he received the final KFI from the Lender’s website, he straight away noticed that there was MIG showing on the KFI. He called the Bank to see if MIG charge quoted of £4475 applied, they confirmed that yes it did apply and that he must have got it wrong!
    Fortunately [our adviser] has PhoneStream installed on his PC, and the Phone call was recorded and time + date stamped directly into the client’s file in MortgageStream. [Our adviser] checked the recordings file in MortgageStream played back the call, and then advised the Bank that he had recorded the call and saved it. He asked the Bank if they would like him to e-mail over a copy of the conversation, however the Bank at this point admitted that [our adviser] was correct and that they had in fact said that there was NO MIG payable.
    The Bank’s Marketing Department agreed to honour what [our adviser] had been told and that the client did not have to pay the MIG! I am so pleased that I have decided to order two more PhoneStream units for two new staff who have just joined my company”.

    - Paul (8 Advisers)

  24. By Mortgage Brokers, for Mortgage Brokers:

    “I was using [a popular IFA case management system] and hated it, as it was not properly geared-up for mortgage brokers. I have now imported all my data to MortgageStream and am paying a third of the price for three times the functionality & ease of use. I can now import all of my L&G cases from Launchpad straight into MortgageStream. I have already recommended MortgageStream to several of the other top producers at L&G who have now installed and are using the system. I heartily recommend MortgageStream to anyone who is looking for a user-friendly, fully-featured mortgage case management software. Forget the rest - this is the best.”.

    - Matthew (2 Advisers)

  25. Most Valuable Investment:

    "Just a quick note to say that I class Mortgagestream combined with Phonestream as one of the most valuable investments I have made since starting my own practice last year. With the help of Phonestream and Mortgagestream’s time stamped notes feature, I was recently able to ‘remind’ a customer of the actual timeline and contents of a series of conversations we had regarding their mortgage application. This prevented a dispute of the ‘I said, you said’ variety, and I now see Mortgagestream etc. as essential protection for my company and reputation as the business grows in a regulated environment.".

    - Michael (2 Users)

  26. PhoneStream saved me £900:

    "I just thought I would drop you a line to say that having PhoneStream™ saved me £900 in one phone call. I submitted a case to a lender (The Mortgage Works) but unfortunately I had put 2 different product codes on the application – one indicating a 5 yr fixed rate the other a 2 year fixed rate. When the case was received by the lender they telephoned me to query the case – I confirmed that the case was to be processed on the 2 year scheme and the person at the end of the phone confirmed this was ok and that he would amend accordingly. When the offer was received it had been processed on a 5 year scheme. I telephoned the lender to query it and informed them that I had spoken to a particular individual who had amended the case to the 2 year rate. The representative checked with him but came back to me to say they had no knowledge of a conversation and if I wanted the 2 year rate the client would have to pay a fee of 0.5% of the loan amount, which on this case was £900 !!!!

    I immediately emailed them a copy of the PhoneStream™ conversation which was saved in MortgageStream™ and hey presto - a revised mortgage offer on the correct scheme with no charge to me or the client. How smug I felt!!!".

    - Ian (2 Users)

  27. FSA (RMAR) Reporting:

    "Within seconds we had produced a report from MortgageStream detailing all the information the FSA required......we love MortgageStream and have already recommended it to other brokers in Reading who have also signed up to the software".

    - Bernard (2 Advisers)

  28. Paper-free office:

    "...easy to use for all the advisers and administrators. The system now controls all of our database and we are able to run the business paper free. Our clients have benefited, since we are able to access all their information at the push of a button".

    - Lee (5 Users)

  29. Business Analysis:

    "We have now fully adopted the system and found it an invaluable business tool".

    - Alex (8 Advisers)

  30. Paid for itself:

    "Without MortgageStream I would have lost an £1,800 proc fee. This alone has paid for the system more than twice over!".

    - John (2 Advisers)

  31. Cut down workload:

    "Just a quick line to say how impressed I am with MortgageStream.... in a short space of time we have seen the benefits, having all the documents in one place, being able to see % hit rates for brokers …. Seeing when valuations have been instructed and received etc. to name but a few.
    From my perspective I look after the administrators and their workload and being able to track all their cases from one screen has certainly helped cut down my workload".

    - Anita (10 Advisers)

  32. Reduced processing & submission time:

    "Having one integrated system for business processing, case tracking & commission payments, linked with Trigold’s AAA mortgage sourcing, has substantially cut the time required to process and submit new business. This allows our company to communicate vital information to our Advisers, gives us the management information we require to analyse all areas of our business performance and to collate the data required for FSA RMAR Reporting".

    - Tony (35 Advisers)