Trigold Import & Export
(& Remote Working)

Many of the Mortgage Brokers that we speak with tell us that they would like to have the different mortgage sourcing databases combined into one shared database. This function is not readily achievable with the two most widely used mortgage sourcing systems.

Mortgage Sourcing software is designed to assist the Adviser before the choice of Lender is selected by the customer and adviser. However, the mortgage sales process starts before mortgage sourcing; and continues long after the KFI is printed and agreed. In order to capture and record all relevant events from first phone call to case completed & paid; a holistic approach to case management is required.

MortgageStream™ has been designed specifically to work for mortgage brokers by integrating with Trigold. MortgageStream™ tracks the progress of new enquiries then exporting to mortgage sourcing across a PC Network. Advisers working remote from the office can also use Trigold to send cases back and forward via the Trigold Briefcase facility.

When a client chooses to proceed with a mortgage application, the IDD, KFI and lender data are imported back from Trigold to MortgageStream™. The Lender detail pre-populates the corresponding fields in MortgageStream™ and the documents produced in Trigold are copied to the client folder.

MortgageStream™ is designed to work with you from 1st Phone call to completion and fees paid giving step by step case management with comprehensive Management Info capability.