MortgageStream™ - Overview

MortgageStream™ is a graphical Microsoft® Windows system that enables mortgage and general insurance brokers to manage the day-to-day running of their mortgage and general insurance business as efficiently as possible, whilst also providing a high degree of accountability and compliance.

All aspects of your mortgage and general insurance business are covered including leads, clients, fees & commissions, lead sources, lenders, advisers, packagers, solicitors etc.

The system significantly reduces the broker’s overhead in managing their client applications, whilst assisting with FSA compliance regulations, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core business activities. MortgageStream™ takes care of the issues, removing the burden and empowering you to spend more time, more efficiently in front of your clients.

MortgageStream™ is suitable for all sizes of company from one-man-band brokers up to large firms with several hundred advisers and processing staff operating from various locations.

With PhoneStream™, our optional integrated call-recording system that makes client complaints a thing of the past, thereby protecting your company, MortgageStream™ is the most powerful yet user-friendly mortgage and general insurance case management system you will find.


MortgageStream Features