MortgageStream™'s award winning functionality makes it the UK's best performing Case Management Back Office or "CRM" Software. In fact Mortgage, Life Assurance & General Insurance Brokers who have the system tell us that they love using MortgageStream™ because it saves them loads of time, protects their businesses and helps them to prepare for selling their brokerage when they do want to retire.

MortgageStream™ is a Windows® based system installed locally on your own Laptop or PC (or Server if you have one), so you don't need the Web to use the system. However, if you prefer we can arrange for the software to be installed on a hosted server for you to access from any location across the web, this is great news if you have different users in different places wanting to share the same database.

The software has been designed to be genuinely Quick & Easy to use, with the goal of "single data entry" and enables Brokers to create a true "paperless office" if you wish to. MortgageStream™ links to Word®, Excel® and Outlook™ as well as to your office Phone, Scanner & Mobile Phone for taking your appointments with you.

MortgageStream™ is also integrated with all of the leading mortgage sourcing software in TWO directions; this means that you can import enquiries + documents to & from mortgage sourcing, saving you masses of time. You can also import your new enquiries from your own website and from lead suppliers or introducers straight into the database via Outlook® or from a spreadsheet or CSV file

Installation, Training, Support & Upgrades are all included in one annual price

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Over the last few years many Brokers have expanded into new areas giving advice on a range of Life, Critical Illness as well as General & Motor Insurance, we have therefore expanded our range of products and services by creating BrokerStream to accommodate their needs in a fast moving market. The recent integration to Assureweb & GIology gives our customers single data entry access to the leading providers for quotations and online application with full documentation saved back to the Brokers own desktop in the relevant client files in the software. This completely eliminates rekeying of data, increasing accuracy and efficiency. Further integrations are planned for the future.

BrokerStream is a new point of sale and back office system for Life and General Insurance Brokers and has been designed specifically for Adviser Firms that specialise in giving advice on Life and General Insurance and includes dedicated Fact Finds for each separate business type as well as a combined Fact Find for when multiple product types are required.

User can record details of all existing polices including Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection, Pensions, Investment, Savings and any other existing policy type and quoting on new policies with workflow, commission tracking, document generation, mailshots, with full management information and compliance reporting available across all policy types.

BrokerStream shares many time saving features with its sister product MortgageStream . The software also features integration to Assureweb and L&G GIology for quotations and applying online. The software can be installed on a single PC or Laptop, on a network of PCs or on a Server with access from PCs or remotely across the web. Client data can be accessed by any authorised users in 10 different access privilege levels.

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Compliance Stream

ComplianceStream is a Central Head-Office Mortgage & GI Case Tracking database that automatically receives data and documents from multiple remote MortgageStream™ systems. It is used by Networks and Compliance Service Companies, providing them with an overall view of all client files from all of their ARs / Business Writers, to help them with:
  • Compliance Checking
  • TCF
  • Management Information Reports
In this way, site visits can be reduced to a minimum, providing real cost savings running your business. If you are a Network or Compliance Company, to see how ComplianceStream could help you, click to download our presentation here (then click 'Run', 'Run' 'Unzip').

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